Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Then I Rode................

So before the party Saturday I did slip out on the road bike and got a good ride in. Then Sunday I was up early and did it again. Only difference between the two rides would be the route and the wind.

Saturday I went through the south side of town and got in about 35 miles. If I remember correctly back when I was riding the road bike I was on a south side kick. I have ridden the Pageland side of Monroe so many times I wanted a new area. Subconsciously I went right back to where I used to be.

Funny how that worked out. Matter of fact I was on Google here at the office yesterday looking at different routes. Then Sunday came around and the wind was blowing, I had two choices. Stay at home or keep my elbows tucked in and hope for the best.

I took option two, out the door and on the road again. This time I went downtown Monroe and just went exploring for 8 miles. It's amazing how many areas of Monroe I have never seen and lived here for 14 years. It ain't that large so it's kinda surprising.

So after that I finally hit the road and sucked it up. Even turned out it wasn't that bad. I road around for a while and then turned back to town. Back through downtown and out 601 to the house. Grand total of 44 miles.

79 miles for the weekend, all on road bikes.......

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