Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Finally !!!!!!!!!!!

So I could sit here and come up with twenty reasons why I haven't been swimming. Like I said, I could, but I won't! I will stick with two reasons and go from there.

Reason one. My shoulder, the doctor told me to stay out of the pool for at least two weeks, I did. That turned into three and a half weeks.

Reason two. Just plain laziness!

I took me about ten days to get used to sleeping till 6:15. Then it was over! Hell I have been late for work more than when I was getting up early. You would think I would have been early every day. Not! I was late all the time.

Yesterday I was  supposed to meet Kelly and I over slept. Imagine that! So today I set the alarm and it went off. I promptly turned it off and rolled over. Then my conscience took over and I went ahead and got up.

Finally after three and a half weeks I finally made the pool again. It took me about 250 yards to finally get my rhythm back. I damn near choked to death a few times! But once I got it I was good to go.

Yes I look forward to being there in the morning............

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