Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Time for A Rest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That being said I am tired. Another weekend in the books and it was a good one. Friday night we had everybody over for a cookout. It was Chase's birthday, so now I have two teenagers. Now we are on the count down to his driver's license.

Yes he has already mentioned it! Except he wants a street bike instead of a car. Glad we have 3 years before we cross that bridge. Well Saturday I took him and 2 of his friends for the day to play. We went to Concord Mills Mall and had intentions of playing at the Nascar Speed park.

NOT! I tried to Google the place Friday night and had no luck! I thought that was kinda weird but we headed that way anyway. Well we get there and head in and promptly find out there is no Nascar Speed park any longer!

The kids wanted to play laser tag and climb the rock wall more than they wanted to ride the go-carts so they where kinda disappointed. So we go back outside and find they have a new entrance, and a new set up.

It's now called Speed park and that's it! They have the go-carts and a putt-putt course. That's it! WTH!!!

Well for some reason they wanted to play a round of putt-putt so we did and then hit the road. We went down to Pineville and hit up Sky-High Sports Center. The place with the trampolines that line the walls, a foam pit and dodge ball. They played for two and a half hours!

We followed that with pizza and headed to the house. Chase was happy and everybody was tired! So now we have that one out of the way and we are counting down to 16......

Those where Chase's exact words on the way home.....

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