Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just Like A Bike...

You know what they say, "just like riding a bike". Well swimming is the same, it took me 2 swims to get back in the rhythm. This morning was a little rough but by the time I found the halfway mark I found I was back in sink.

I swam a total of 1500 yards this morning. I was kinda worried when I headed back that it might be a little harder than it has been. Yesterday was tough I had a hard time but I got the hang of it. Today I started off a little slower and it seemed to work better. I found my rhythm pretty quick and just stayed steady.

I would have liked to get a full mile in but I ran out of time. But then again I don't want to make my shoulder hurt, not the first week back in the pool. So far it hasn't even felt out of the ordinary. I want to keep it that way.

One thing I noticed last night was the fact that I already had my exercise in for the day and I was a lot less stressed out last night. I just relaxed and did some ironing. Yea I ironed about 5 shirts last night. I never do any ironing. But just knowing I had my exercise done I relaxed.

Even the wife said something about it.

I got all my clothes ready for this morning and I was gonna pack the bike for a ride home from work. Then I saw the weather and that nixed those plans. I am glad I watched the weather, when I woke up this morning it was raining. So it looks like I will be on the road bike if the rain holds off tonight.

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