Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Like Raining,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

A lot! So here we go again, another round of the wet stuff. It's held off for several days but we are wet again. Not that I mind, but I do hope to ride the road bike a lot this weekend. I find it funny that I am looking forward to that.

Once again I am hung up on the road bike! I like the fact I can go out the end of the driveway. Yesterday my buddy was telling me he had ridden about 1500 miles so far this year. It made me think about where I am so far this year.

In the last 5 days I have 120 miles in and It made me think. I know I don't have as much as he does but I bet I have quit a bit. As he pointed out just 2 laps a week at one of our local trails and you would have 24 miles and I know I have ridden it alot!

So If you add up the mountain bike rides at twice a week I would have about 528 miles right there. That's based on 22 weeks and twice a week. So take that and add in the few road rides and I am right 700 miles for the year.

Not great but not bad!

Now for the second part of the year, I need to get busy. I have been working on the "day" total all year and I am pretty happy with how it's going. Now I have another stat I want to keep up with. If I look hard enough I can come up with a total on my swimming too.......

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