Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gettin Out ..............

After all the rain it was nice to see the sun. I got home yesterday and headed straight out the door. The sun was shinning and it was nice and warm, out the door I went. Just a light wind that rarely was head on, it doesn't get much better!

The yard had another day to dry out before I get it mowed and  I had my first two workout day in awhile. I swam 1500 yards yesterday morning and then 27 miles on the road bike. Not a bad day, I even ran into a group of 4 that was out riding. I recognized them from a ride last year when I ran into them.

Last year I spent the evening riding with them, it was fun we swapped numbers and I talked to them once or twice but never made another ride with them. They invited me, it's not there fault. I am just kinda like that, I have my few riding partners and I will go out of my way to ride with them.

But the rest of the time I prefer to ride alone. I get my head in my own little world and it is what it is. If I want to push it I can, if I don't I don't. It just seems to work for me. I can hold my own when I need to and I can enjoy my own pace when I want to.

The point is I think they might have thought I didn't like them. Which is totally not true. It's just me being me.....

I even tried to find a phone number for one of them last night, just to call and say hi. Maybe even make one of there rides. Didn't have any luck though, I can't even remember where my pump is much less a phone number from last year. So next time I see them I guess I need to turn around and say hi.

I kinda feel guilty for just blowing by them last night and not stopping to talk. I could tell they checked up to see if I wanted to ride but I just kept going. I should have stopped.....

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