Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's A Long Week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sometimes when you try to cram 5 days worth of work into 4 days, it makes for a long week! That my friends would summarize how my week has been going!

Highs and lows...

Plus I tried to mow the yard and the belt snapped with half the yard mowed. That left half of the yard mowed and the other half not! Of course it was the front yard in that state. The repair shop did have the belt in stock so I got it fixed the next day. so a one evening job turned into 2 days worth of work.

No, I haven't ridden since Monday but I am gonna go tonight. Yes it will be on the road bike. I guess I am all happy and love road bikes now. What a difference 2 weeks make.

Or what a difference your kids can make for you! If they like it I like it!!!

Enough said...........

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