Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Great Times..........

So we had a long weekend, besides New Years Day I haven't had a day off since the first of the year. I enjoyed the weekend! I rode Saturday by myself and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Sunday came and Chase wanted to go ride. That was a first, he hasn't asked to ride in quite awhile. We went to Beatty and rode 1 lap, it wasn't a long ride but it was a great ride! Anytime I am spending time with either of my kids I am a happy camper.

Then Saturday night we went to a cookout and had a great time followed by another day off. I wish we had 3 day weekends every weekend!

So I got up yesterday and headed out on the road bike. This was my first ride of the year by myself. Last week I sat around and fussed about how I hated riding the road bike, then I take off and have a great time. I rode a full 50 plus miles and enjoyed every minute of it! I went all the way down to Pageland and came back.

Total I was gone for about 3 hours and got a really good start on my tan lines for the year. So now I find myself looking forward to the next ride. Maybe tomorrow after work

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