Friday, April 19, 2013

Change Up !!!!!!!!!!

The plans change. You have to be able to roll with the flow! I wanted to go camping tonight and evenn ot together a few things, but it looks like the rain is gonna change that. So pizza and beer at the house with the kids it will be!

Although they don't get the beer. That will be for the wife and I. But then again there might not be very much in th way of beer. I want to get up and go pretty early tomorrow so I will probably stick to coke. Damn I must be getting old!

One minute I am planning on a beer and the next I realize I have other plans that don't fit in with the beer. Oh well...

So I went to bed with the plan to swim this morning, I woke up and rolled over. Fail!! I swam all week so it is what it is. Next week I will be back at the pool and I am already looking forward to it. Have a good weekend...

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