Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ride Swim, Swim Ride,,,,,,,,,,,,

Then do it again. Swam everyday so far this week and have ridden twice already, and tonight we are gonna do it again! The weekend is right around the corner so I am a happy camper.

Hell I might even be a happy camper this weekend. I am giving some thought to hauling the camper over to Uhwarrie and spending the night. I need to get it out and get some fresh air. The kids don't seem to interested but I am.

Saturday night we are gonna do a bar crawl so if I do go camping it will have to be tomorrow night. It's more of a checkout Waxhaw restaurant deal than a get drunk bar crawl. Which I am glad about, I don't want to waste Sunday sitting on the couch recovering.

If you have a beer in 5 different restaurants you get a t-shirt. At the rate I am going with all these races I will have a hell of a collection before long!!!!!

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