Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1st Quarter Progress...............

With today being the last day of the month I ran some figures to see where I am. Kind of a general checkup if you will. I am trying to keep with a routine swimming and riding. I feel like it going good so here are the first quarter numbers!

So far we have had a 120 days this year. I missed 3 days in January, 3 days in February, 6 days in March and 7 days in April. That all totals 19 days out of 120. I want to say that's damn good! But then again the fact that every month the total days I did nothing keeps creeping up.

Although I feel comfortable with 7 days a month off. I knew back in January that I couldn't maintain only 3 days a month off. It just doesn't work. Life gets in the way.

This month, the 7 has worked out pretty good. So I plan on trying to stay right around that mark. I have had plenty of time with the family and me time........

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