Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Not To Bad......

OK, after doing all the math yesterday I am kinda proud of myself! That's really not that bad. I have been staying on top of my workouts and sooner or later I am gonna loose more weight.

After yesterday I was pumped to hit the pool this morning. I can honestly feel the improvement in my swimming. It seemed like for a long time I would be all over the board with the amount I was swimming. One day it would be 700 yards and the next 1200.

Now I feel like I am just getting started when I get to 7 or 8 hundred. The last two days I have already swam 2000 and 1750. I would have never thought I would be doing that.

So maybe I will be able to ride tomorrow. I planned on going last night but the sun never came and out, it was still just to wet. If we would have had sun yesterday it might have happened. But we are getting closer.

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