Monday, April 29, 2013


That would pretty much sum up my weekend! Saturday I got in a great early morning ride at Steve's. I was the first for the day so I got the privilege of cleaning all the cobwebs off the trail. Again I am riding the 26in bike and seem to go a lot better on it. I have tried the 29er and I have tried to love the 29er, it just ain't happening!

So after I got home from my ride I got cleaned up and out the door we went. Nope we didn't take the motorcycle as planned because the rain was coming. Thank goodness we didn't either, we would have been wet by the time we got home if we had.

Our destination, Mcbee SC. Brown's RV's! Yes we have the pop up, it sucks! For a family of 4 it's just too small. You just don't have enough room in it. Yes it works for sleeping but that's about it.We found a 28ft Starcraft with a 13ft slide out that would be perfect for the family. It has a full size bed for Karen and I and a double bunk bed for the kids.

Not counting a full size kitchen and fridge with the full couch. Plus the bathroom! That alone would be so worth it! No we didn't pull the plug just yet but we are thinking hard! The payment would be the same and the truck can pull it so it pretty much comes down to us making the decision.

So Saturday was a success and Sunday was a fail......

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