Friday, November 30, 2012

A Couple Of Things....................

First thing:
Yes, I am gonna sign up for the extra memory so I can start posting pictures again.

Second thing:
I did go ride last night and had a good time. The trails were right and I only needed the light for the final half mile.

Third thing:
Yesterday Jerry did trail work at my new favorite trail, "Steve's place", leaf blowing.

Forth thing:
I hate leaf blowing! Of course this is my opinion, but this is also my blog so I can bitch all I want on this space. The trail went from a nice tight 12" wide path to a big 3ft wide greenway. Yes you can go a lot faster but it took the better part of the skill factor out of the ride. Speeds picked up so much I was rolling my tires in the corners. Yes it's fun when things are like that but then again, does every trail have to be a time trial course. I like the untouched new trails. It really reminded me of the original Poplar Tent, back when nobody had a leaf blower!

Fifth thing:
Thanks for doing the work, Jerry. It must have taken 3 to 4 hours to accomplish what was done. The man is dedicated, and without him the trails in this area wouldn't be nearly as nice. I really need to start making a point to help do trail work.

Sixth thing:
For the first time last night my feet started to get cold! That's when I know winter is upon us. Time to get out the foot covers!

Have a good weekend..............

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