Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time For an Adventure.....

Tonight we are tied up at church so can't make it happen but tomorrow night will be perfect. What better way to ride a brand new trail than in the dark!

Last night Cody and I hit Beatty for a ride and had fun. It went well and I like the place, we even went hunting in the dark for the new section. He hadn't seen it yet, we found it and checked it out.

Then I told him about Steve's place and we decided to try it Thursday. Since Poplar closed we have Beatty, the Whitewater Center, North Meck. and Fisher Farm for night riding. The 2 on the north side of town are just to far from the house. So there out!

I am tired of Beatty and we need somewhere close. Steve's it is! Now that I have my boy working toward the same goals I am I have a partner. Now if I can just get Chase motivated I will have my crew back!!!!

A new trail at night is just what we need! A new adventure........

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