Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plans Are Made................

Me the kid Charles and Dane, Steve's trail 6pm. Night ride! What else is there to do on a Thursday night. I saw Dane at church last night and filled him in on the plans and he was ready, then got home and got Charles on the phone.

Plans where made........

Yesterday was a good day, I found a race for mid December that I am looking forward to, it kinda fills in a gap in my planned training. Or training plans how ever you want to say it. I like the trails at Harbison State Forest and that's another plus for the reason I want to go. Cody even got excited about it!

He likes the place too. So it looks like we will be in Columbia SC on the 16th. I haven't been on a starting line in about 2 plus years so I am getting excited. The more I plan next year the happier I seem to be getting! Hell if I really get back into the swing of things I might even need to get a new bike.

Back to yesterday, we had to go to church last night, the youth program involved the parents. So our presence was required, it was a good program and I like the new youth pastor. Then I came home and our plans where made. I even washed all of our riding gear. I like this time of year, the chill in the air is just right for riding.

Then we have Thanksgiving coming and Christmas, what a great time of the year to be a kid! I hope I never grow up!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a kid is fun...............

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