Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lazy Week.................

I do have my toys packed and ready to go, but over all I haven't ridden any this week. I got my 4 straight days in for thanksgiving and I planned to take a few days, meaning 2, off the bike. But 2 turned into 3 and I knew if I didn't pack my stuff and head straight from work I wouldn't make it today.

I know some people exercise religiously, but me! I really do fight the demon's as far as getting out and doing something. I could walk away from everyday exercise and get fat and not really worry about it. Hell all that would happen would be the fact I looked like everybody else in Wal-Mart!

The main reason I push myself to the limits and try to keep my weight in check is the fact that I have a ball playing out doors! To enjoy the things I like to enjoy I have to stay in some type of shape. So to the woods I head! Steve's place for a few laps. I plan to start in the day light and finish in the dark.

Then I can go home, have a beer, and think about how much fun I had. I love motivation!!!!!!! Some people just find it in different ways.......

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