Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Rush, Not When It Comes To Kids..........

Sunday night Cody and I really had a good time riding. I don't know if staying out late on a school night had anything to do with it or not but he really enjoyed it. So did I! We rode and talked, he likes Charles so it was cool.

Once we dropped him off we still had about 20 minutes to drive home so it was kinda neat, I let him do the driving all night so he likes that. As I told the wife as long as he is on the A,B honor roll we can play all we want! How many other kids where out till midnight riding their bikes in the woods with their dad, on a school night!

If more dad's had any sense they all would be out with their kids doing stuff totally out of the ordinary on a school night. Stuff like that will help a father and son bond!

So anyhow this morning Karen had to be at work at 6:30am, they had a case starting early so she had to be there. Because of this our usual schedule was changed up. I usually head out of the house about 6:30, I don't have to be at work till 8 but I usually get there about 7. So today I was keeping everything in line. Well we end up ready early and sitting on the couch chatting.

Chase isn't the biggest bike rider in the world but he goes sometimes. I told him he needs to go with us on the next night ride. He's thinking about it! Well Cody decides he wants to go this Thursday, White Water Center at 7:30. I like this plan, it means another midnight trip with my son. Now I am sitting around hoping the weather will get right so we can!

Life is good!!!!!!!!!!!

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