Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nice Surprise !!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday I am sitting here at the office and right about lunch I start getting questions.

"What are all the bikes doing in Matthews"

My reply, "Hell if I know"!

After some investigation I came to find out it was the "Mountains to The Sea" ride. They had 1100 people doing it this year and all of them stayed in downtown Matthews last night. That's about 2 blocks from where I work!

So after work yesterday I went by the camp area and checked it out. They had food and showers set up for them and the whole works! Not to bad! So now I want to do the spring ride. That's got to be fun.

They started in Brevard and end up in Carolina Beach. 430 miles and 7 days. Got to be a good time..... Tomorrow I get Cody's bike back, ready for the White Water Center...

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