Thursday, October 4, 2012

It"s Thursday...........

What a great title! I have now made this an informative piece of fine literature! Worth the time you are spending reading this.

My favorite part of the week, the first 3 days are just time fillers. Then you have Thursday and you are thinking about the weekend, what you might do. Friday is always cool, just cause it's Friday. You get paid and it's like a weekend day.

Well at least you get paid if you get paid weekly, some people only get paid once a month. If you ask me they are getting screwed! They only get the "real Friday " feeling once a month. That's gotta suck! 

Then some people get paid weekly, very weekly! But at least they are getting paid!

How could I not write this post about getting paid, and the Friday feeling without putting the "week pay" joke in somewhere.  I swear I am a genius!!!!!

So what are you thinking about doing this weekend???

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