Friday, October 5, 2012

That Works ........

Those were my last words when I talked to Kelly. The plan, to ride after work Thursday.

I get home and get out the door. He and Scott are already on the road. I get a text "meet us at 218 and Love Mill Rd". I just pulled out of the driveway!

That's about 10 miles, I head that way.

Next text " where the hell are you"? My computer shows I have been gone for 5 miles.

"I am on the way"

"OK we'll head your way" Damn, I haven't even made it to Love Mill yet! So now I need to kick it or they are gonna know how slow I have been going.

Next text, "It's a slow ride" I read this and laugh. Bullshit! Scott is just fast and Kelly likes to see me suffer.....

I know better!

Now I am on Love Mill, I got the wind to my back and I am rolling. Finally I pop over a hill and there they are, damn they turn around! I want to stay on my side of 218! Kelly's side sucks, to many climbs!

So I catch up,  "hey lets go the other way"

"why"  Because I always end up 15 miles from the house when you say "let's go my way" and I do!

It seems like we always end up 2 miles from his house and he will head home. Then I am stuck heading home!

15 miles from the house........

We keep going! "damn you I know how this is gonna work"

Sure enough I get stuck 15 from the house! I get home right before dark!

I guess I am gonna have to start carrying lights for road rides with Kelly..

Oh yea, it was fun, and I ended up with 34 miles on a week night and got to climb a bunch of hills......

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