Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gonna Go By Fast...................

I just have that feeling. This week is gonna be a fast one. You blink an eye and it's over.

That's my favorite kind!

Yesterday was over before I could even get to the blog, I came to work and got going and all of a sudden it was time to go. I did have a good weekend, I rode Sherman so many times I started to get dizzy. Saturday everybody no showed on me so I ended up riding by myself.

Sunday I couldn't make it on time to ride with the guys so I ended up riding alone again. When the sun set Sunday I had ridin 3 full loops and 2 main loops. All at speed! I was tired but it was fun. Sometimes I like to ride by myself.

Plus it's always fun to catch and pass people! That's what I did all weekend! You see somebody out in front of you and the race is on! It's funny the way people will try to stay out in front of you, they will kick it and do all they can, then all of a sudden just pull off to the side and stop!

So anyhow we have the big weekend coming up Saturday so it's gonna be fun. The wife still has no clue what we have planned. Friday I will tell everybody what we are gonna do, I can get away with it then. We are all going out to eat Friday night and that's when we are gonna tell her.

So you just have to wait too........

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