Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Other 2 Wheels.....And A Kid............

Here lately I have been riding my motorcycles a lot more. Every chance I get I ride them to work, saving gas! The only problem with that is it means I have to plan out my rides a little better.

I can't carry my mtn bike on a motorcycle!

Of course it's that time of year again. If you notice in the evening the sun sets so low in the sky that it makes it rather dangerous to ride the road bike. Well it's no lower than it usually is, it's just low at 5 when everybody is heading home from work! This is the only time of the year I really don't feel safe riding after work. So I do all my riding in the woods.

Again I have to plan it a little better. I have riden the street bike for the last 2 days and last night I announce my plan to ride after work today and my son speaks up and says "uh your out of gas". He's been driving my car everyday.

So for me to ride today I had to go get gas in my car and his. Of course he's driving mine because he's out of gas. The guy at the gas station thought that was funny, me going in and having him turn on 2 pumps!

Then we get home and he needs to get all "his" stuff out of "my" car. He drove it for 2 days and moved in. The kid is a trip!!

I haven't even left the house to ride and somehow I spent 60 bucks !!!!!!!

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