Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Now We Have a Problem......

That's why I hate change! All it does is create problems! I have ridden the same pedals for 20 years, 20 years!

That's a long time.

Because of that I have 10 bicycles with the same set-up. Everyone XTR Shimano clipless pedals. Nice pedals too! All are high end, none are low end. Only the best!

Then yesterday I decide to try my Crank Brothers Pedals. Like a dumb ass.....

All my buddies ride them and love them, you go to a race and most of the pro's ride them. I have always stuck with what I know. I liked the way they held your foot so tight. XTR's are kinda of a pain to set up, you really have to get them lined up straight. Or your knees hurt..

Now I know why my knees hurt! Yea, sometimes I have knee pain. I usually just chalk it up to getting old. Not any more! Last night Kelly and I rode at Sherman and cranked off a fast lap. One of the faster ones I have done lately. Then I turned around and rode a lap backwards looking for Gary. I found him back on the lake loop. Then I turned around and rode out with him.

Took a short break and headed right back out for lap 2. In all I rode 2 and a half laps. No knee pain at all! Do I think it was the pedals. Yep, had everything to do with it. Once you get used to extra movement (that took about 2 minutes) I was good to go. Are these for everybody, I don't know. For me yes.

Only problem I have is now I need about 5 more sets. At 90 bucks a pop!!!!!!!!

I hate change....

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