Thursday, August 2, 2012


Since I got on a roll and "Reviewed" a set of pedals yesterday we might as well continue with the theme!

Today we are gonna talk about bikes.

Specialized! So far my favorite bike! After having such a good ride Tuesday I am kinda pumped again about the mtn bike. To me it's not fun unless you get up to the speed where it's easier to ride. Does that make sense? I swear it's easier to go fast than it is to go slow.

Believe me I have spent enough time on both sides of that line. Recently too! Once you get over that hump it's like a relief, things become more fun. Little hills become un noticeable, big hills become manageable. You start looking forward to riding places that you avoided just a short time ago.

Back to the subject. As you know I have the 29er and my 26. I keep trying to ride the 29er and it just doesn't seem to work. I can ride the 26 and roll with it. So I think I am gonna stick with that. Right now I have been riding a Specialized Epic Expert, 2010 model.

I bought it new at the end of 09' right when the 2010 models came out. I put one year of steady racing on it and then it's been my regular ride for the last 2 years. It's had the grips replaced about 3 times! That's it!

I have pounded this bike like a Walmart special, it's got scratches all over it, a dent in the rear triangle of the frame. It looks a little rough but damn it's a good bike. I wash it and oil the chain, once in awhile I might clean the chain, that's about the end of the maintance.

Literally I haven't had to adjust the derailleur in about 2 years! That's a good bike! It's got Sram X-0 components and a Shimano Hollow Core crank. It's been bullet proof. It handles like a dirt bike the more weight you put over the front wheel the faster it will turn, the Rock Shock Sid front fork has to be the best fork I have ever owned.

The rear shock is the Specialized "brain" technology. I run it with about 30 percent sag and it's the bomb. It climbs good and rolls fast at speed, you don't notice the bounce when you are standing and it soaks up the square edge hits with no problem.

The overall riding position is a little aggressive, or at least I have mine set up that way, but that could be changed with a few adjustments. Overall the point is I am going to need another bike before long. It's time to upgrade! I think I have decided it's time for the carbon version.......

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