Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Catching Up......

OK, as I said last week, the kids surprised me and showed up to ride with me. This is them at the trail head.

Chase is growing so fast he is gonna need another bike before long! Again!!!

Then over the weekend we had a visitor hanging out behind the house, he was in the pine trees. About 5 feet long! Looked like he was nice and healthy so we left him alone. As long as they stay away from the house all is good!

Let's not forget the new dog, Daisy she is growing like a weed! As of right now she has decided it's not to bad living with us. She has made herself right at home. She likes to swim and loves to play with our other dog Odie.

Also Cody has been getting the boat ready, he is old enough now he can take it to the lake and go fishing so he is spending all his time getting it prepped. My mom is about to have a fit just thinking about him and the lake but he'll be fine. The kid loves to fish so he might as well enjoy it.

Last but not least, I won a set of Crank Brothers Pedals a few years ago and have never used them. They have been sitting on a shelf in the garage forever and I have always used the XTR's. So last night I changed up! We are riding this afternoon so stay tuned for a report tomorrow.

I hate change.......

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