Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Time

Time for the fun to begin! It might as well, I haven't riden the bike all week and last night was no different.

It's stormed everyday out our way. That sucks! I guess I will wait till I get home to make a decision on weather or not I will torcher myself the following weekend. Once I get home and get a ride in and see just how bad off I am after a 2 week break then I will decide.

Do I regret not riding this week, of course I do. Is it gonna ruin my vacation, of course "NOT"... As of the alarm going of this morning I am shifting into vacation mode!

We went to mom's for dinner last night and swapped vehicles, Cody and I came home and put the Rocket Box on top and now we are ready!

Something about just getting the box mounted made me realize, finally it's time! The van is now a rocket machine!!!!!

Now to change gears. Every time I take a week off and don't do any blogging my stats go down the toilet! Then it takes another 2 months for it to come alive again!

Don't believe me, readers are fickle. They forget about you really fast. Kinda that "what have you done for me lately" scenario. That being said I am gonna try to stay on top of this next week...

We'll see how it goes........

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