Monday, August 20, 2012

Man That Was A Short Week......

Yep, I am back and trying to get into the groove. We got home Saturday about 2 and then it was on! Unpacking and cleaning the car.

I had to get the van back to it's rightful owner. Mom, she missed her ride and was glad to get it back all clean and vacumed out.

Of course I have the camera today but no cord to hook it to the computer. So we will save the pictures for tomorrow.

The kids had a great time, we spent the week playing in the sand and laying on the beach. Cody did a little fishing and Chase did a little of everything. Of course we did the shopping trip to Barefoot Landing and you can't spend a week at the beach without playing put-put at least once.

Not sure how the weather was here in Charlotte but we only had rain one time and that was the first day we got there. Then to top it off it never really did get that hot! So overall it was a good week.

The kids have one more week out of school and then summer will be officially over! It seems like time gets faster every year. Next thing you know fall will be here and will be looking for a pumpkin.

The only thing we have on the agenda now is a fall mtn bike trip and maybe a trip to Florida. I am looking into a trip to Pennsylvania for the Fall Classic Road Ride. That would be a first for me. I could see my brother and get in a hundred mile road ride.

Stay tuned.....

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