Thursday, August 9, 2012

It Gets Better......

I hope.....

We leave Saturday for vacation and now the wife is getting sick..

Who's gonna pack? If you leave it up to me the kids are gonna be wearing the same thing everyday! Swim trunks and t-shirts!

Oh well, were going to the beach so nobody will know the difference! We can make her ride in a separate car and sleep on the deck. That way nobody else will get it........

Of course I am kidding, I hope she feels better quick! It sucks to be sick, but it really sucks to be sick on vacation! You plan these things out and hope for the best. This would be the first for this so we will get through it.

The kids are excited and I am looking forward to it. I know she is too. Of course now that it's time to go I am rethinking the leave the bike at home plan! I want to race week after next and need to ride but I hate to take away from my vacation for training.

I like to take my bike trips, the ones when that's all I do is go to ride. But the family trips, I like to leave them at home. That's just the way I roll. I can go and get away from the regular. Riding is part of the regular and that's what vacations are for.

"No regular"

I don't get paid to ride so why not not ride.... Make sense???

Worst case scenario, I show up at Uhwarrie in 2 weeks, I suck, I get in 50 hard miles and I get a new t-shirt!!

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