Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting Back To Normal..............

I keep talking about it and we are, it just takes a few days. You don't just come home and everything is the same. First you have to unpack and then the store. It takes a few days to get used to your own bed again and of course everybody kinda wants their own space for a few days.

After a week together we need our own space! I love my wife and kids, but when I get home I want "my time". Of course the yard had to be done and that sucked. So life moves on.

The one thing that has been working out to my liking is the fact that I have ridden about everyday since we got home. Last night was a short 1 lap ride at Sherman.

I got the 29 out and gave it a lap. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don't, until I make up my mind I will keep riding it. It might not get the most attention but it gets some. Then tonight I am going out on the road bike for a short spin. Tomorrow night will be a rest night.

As I said yesterday Kelly and Scott are out for the weekend so I am open for a plan. I was gonna go ahead and hit the Uhwarrie 50 mile race. But then I stumbled across a ride in DuPont State Forest. They have a 25 and 50 mile ride planned, it's to raise money for trail work.

They are gonna have fully stocked aid stations and well marked trails. It's kinda like a race but it's more of a social ride thing. I have always wanted to ride DuPont and this would be a good chance. One way or another I am gonna spend the day riding.

Today is day 8........

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