Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Now What ??????????????

Now that we are done with the vacation and have been to the mountains and the beach, what next?

I have my fall trip with the guys to the mountains. Besides that I am not sure....

Yes this week end is the Rivers Edge Mountain Bike Marathon, Kelly and Scott are both working so they aren't going. With them out I seem to have lost my motivation to go. I went over to Uhwarrie Sunday and rode a few laps and I know where I stand.

I could finish the race but it would be at a ride pace, not a race pace! The only thing I would gain by going would be a new t-shirt!

Sixty dollars is a lot to pay for a t-shirt! LOL

I did get my new GMC Jimmy last night! The first thing I did was put my Rocket Box on top! Now I can haul all my crap. As you can see I am heading to the woods right after work today. Charles hooked me up!

He's my personal car salesman! I told him to start looking I will need another "something" in 3 more years! That's how long I had the truck he sold me.

Also on a random note, I am going to start putting a count at the bottom of each post. It will be a day count, when I finally reach a significant number I will explain what the number means. Right now it will be a personal project for my own motivation. Today is day 7.....

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