Thursday, August 30, 2012

Almost !!!!!!!!!!

Almost, ready for the road! We cleaned again last night and made a lot of progress. Got about 90 percent of the chrome polished and it's looking good.

Cody and Chase went to church and while they where gone I did the work. When they got home I put Cody back at it and the seat is on.

As you can see he doesn't need to ride anybody so he doesn't need a back seat! All we have left to do now is change the oil and get a new tag for it and it will be on the road. I plan to ride it to work next week and make sure everything is good to. He won't have his learners permit for another month so I get to play for awhile.

I took the picture of the seat before I put armour all on it. But it's shining now! The kid is happy! Chase says he wants a dual sport bike to ride. At least I have a few years to come up with that. Pedal bike ride tonight!!!

Day 15..........

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