Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Don't Get Many..........

Many rides like last night. First off, I should get my Bloggie Camera back before long, it's still in Charleston. I need it! It fits so well in my back pockets on my jersey it's hard to carry anything else.

So I haven't had many pictures lately.

Well last night I hit Sherman at 5:15, that was when I went in the woods. I was riding my 29er, 26 still out of commission. From the start I felt good, knees where feeling good back was right and it wasn't to hot. All I needed was the rain to hold off. Luckily it did!

As I hit the Lake Loop it started to sprinkle a little bit, it didn't last long so I was fine. I usually don't feel like I am going that fast on the 29 but last night I seemed to have it all figured out. Things where flowing and turns were railed!

When I came out of the Roller Coaster Loop at the start of the trail I still felt good so I stepped it up a little and just stayed with it. I haven't had a ride that felt like that in awhile. My heart rate was up and I was breathing hard the whole lap. It never seemed like I was gonna blow up or loose my legs.

All was right in the "riding" universe....

So right I brought all my stuff for today, the wife and kids head to the beach Friday and I have a weekend trip planned for the mountains. So ride tonight and help her pack Thursday.....Gonna be a good weekend.............

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