Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rain Go Away..........

Now that I have my rant outta the way I can carry on! Sometimes you just gotta vent, yesterday I did. LOL

I guess my old school ways just don't match the younger crowd sometimes. Dad would be proud! It used to drive him crazy if he was late to anything.

We had a good ride, I did enjoy after we finally got off the curb. I will meet up and ride with them again now I understand how they roll. My guys are going to be back up and running starting this week so I know I have some catching up to do. They have all been wrapped up in training for a triathlon.

They did it Sunday in Charleston so now they are back on schedule. For the last month all they have been doing is swimming. Now they will drop me, but I know they will be on time! LOL

So anyhow I rode Friday night Saturday and then tried to ride Sunday. When I say "tried to ride" I mean it! After spending all afternoon Saturday in the pool and sunshine I think I had a touch of sun poisoning. I went out and I had nothing, the wind was blowing and that wasn't helping!

After 15 miles I turned and headed home, nothing in the tank! Tonight I will try again. Hopefully the trails will be open and I can head to the woods. We got about 4 inches of rain at my house, but from what I understand it didn't rain a drop 10 miles down the road.....

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