Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slow It Goes.............

Sometimes it just goes slow.. At least it does when it rained right before you ride. Yea, I know we weren't exactly politically correct with a ride last night. But hell, they had a race on the other side of town!

I know I have covered this before, but I ain't to fond of the 24 hour rule. Not when we have the summer series even when it has rained.

So I get to Sherman yesterday after we had our afternoon storms. Slow and easy. Every since I tried to tear my leg off 2 years ago when it was slick and a root got me I take it pretty slow when I ride wet trails. I don't want to repeat that again.

It was fun though, Gary and Glen showed up and we took out time and got a little dirty. Definatly wasn't my fastest lap ever but I had ridden hard the night before. By the time we were done some sections had already started to dry, no harm no foul.

The best part of the day was when I got home! I got my Bridgestone road bike back a few months ago and I had planned on building it up. Planned yes but doing no. Well Cody stepped up and did the whole thing for me yesterday!

That's right my kid can build a bicycle! Who needs high school, I am already proud!

He stripped everything off my Motobecane and the Bridgestone. Then he rebuilt the Bridgestone. Now I will be riding a steel frame from the early 90's! How cool is that!!

The bike still only weighs 17 pounds and now I have an old school classic frame with all high end Ultegra and XRP Pro Superlight wheels plus carbon cranks! Tomorrow we will have pictures!

All we have left to do is new brake cable housings and cables. I changed all the shifters cables and housing last night, then adjust everything and I am done.....

Remember, "Steel Is Real Baby"......................

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