Monday, July 16, 2012

That Hurt !!!!!

One thing I failed to mention yesterday was a little more information on my ride. My first real ride on my nice new classic road bike.

My first ride,,,,,

Well here's how it went, I take off and take the rough road out. I am just pedaling along trying to get the feel of my new ride. I am about 13 miles into it when all of a sudden I have this chick on a full aero time trial bike come out of nowhere.

She says "good morning, how are you" as she motors right by. We'll I said hi right back and looked down, hell I am rolling along at 18mph. So I am thinking, damn she's rolling, and she is. Away from me! So what do I do, I kick it in the ass and catch her.

So when I get up behind her she is pulling us along at 26mph! I was like what the hell, she's flying! So I offer to take my turn at the front and she doesn't respond. OK maybe she doesn't want company, I offer again, no reply!

OK, I can respect that, you never know sometimes people are training or just having a good ride. They don't want to be bugged.

If you go to the park and go for a walk you don't just walk up and start walking with other people, you find your own groove. So I backed off and let her have her ride.

I end up about 200 yards back and that's where I stayed. For the next 8 miles I stay right there  I get caught by a light and have to really kick it again to get back into sight. It was fun and I got a good workout but damn that hurt. Pulling along at 25-26 by yourself and staying there is harder than it sounds.

Throw in a few extra hard pulls from trying to catch back up and I had a good ride. I can feel it in my legs this morning. Yea I like my bike it has a cool old school look to it, I wonder what she thought when she went by on her high dollar Orbea time trial special........

She probably thought "newbie"........

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  1. Newbie? Nah, not if you kept up with her. I bet she's revising her "training plan" right now.