Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Just Write That One Off....

It was Monday, it came, it went. I worked, I came home, I watched the rain go over head and the wind blow. It only rained long enough to get the ground wet, then it was gone.

Then I got the weed eater out and did the yard. Yard work is just not making it very high on my "give a shit list" this year. Yes I keep the grass mowed, and it doesn't look that bad, if I lived in a neighborhood with a home owners association I would probably be getting a letter. But I don't and you can't see me from the road.

So it is what it is. At the rate I am going I might have to weed eat 2 more times this year. Although it does look good when I am done.

So no ride and a little house maintenance, what a waste! The to top it off, they are calling for the same weather tonight. So maybe I will get out maybe I won't, will see.

I did pickup the new Bicycling magazine and worked on it last night, it's funny I build up my steel bike and they have an article on steel bikes. Great minds think alike!!!

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