Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Sunday...........

OK, so it's Sunday and I am ready for the wife and kids to come home! Yes I have enjoyed the peace and quite but now I am ready for the noise.

You know I am bored if I am on here on the weekend! Yesterday I met Kelly and Scott at the trails and got in a good ride. As I have said, they have been tied up working and training for the triathlon so I haven't seen much of them lately. So it was cool to have my partners back out for a ride.

Scott had surgery on his knee recently so he was kinda taking it easy, yep he still dropped me! Gary came and rode for a few minutes with us. He's gonna get there he just needs seat time. We meet at 8am, I am kinda getting used to this riding early. We rode and I was still home by 11.

Then this morning I got up and hit the road for my first real ride on my "new bike". I like it, it's smooth and easy.

One more thing we have going on these days would be the addition of our newest member! Meet Daisy! At first Odie didn't like her but now they are playing constantly......

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