Friday, July 13, 2012

Old School Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To cool for school ! Old school rules ! You name it we got it !

That's right, it's done and were having fun !! Aluminum is right, Carbon is tight, BUT...

Steel is real !!!!!!

Damn I am on a roll this morning...

OK, let's get to it. I went to the shop at lunch yesterday and got a new chain and a few more cables, then went home. One hour later I had everything adjusted and on my test ride.

bridgestone rb-2 road bike
Totally surprised, it's been a long time since I have thrown a leg over a steel frame. Surprise it was! This thing rides so smooth, it's weird. You look down and see those little tubes and it's just weird. The frame is 23 years old! No shit, this bike has been around the house or under the house or hanging in the garage, don't forget the 5 years it was stored in the back of dad's wood shop!

It's been around that long..

Well Cody stripped it and put all my good parts on it and I adjusted all of it. Now I am rolling. My first ride was in shorts and only 4 miles but it was on a rough road. You can feel the difference, the flex is there but it's so smooth I swear it makes you glide down the road.

in the process

about to get tape

donor bike..kid was glad to hold it..can't ya tell

the finished product...
Throw in the Brooks saddle and it is one sweet ride. When was the last time you saw a Bridgestone bicycle?

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