Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's Go Riding !!!!!!!!!!!!

After yesterday I need a ride. It was just a weird day for me. Running into "that guy" yesterday am and then one of my good friends father passed away yesterday afternoon, I had every excuse to go home and drink beer.

I didn't, I just wasn't in the mood.

I also went and picked up my mom from the airport, she came home from Philadelphia. That was my highlight for the day. Got her back in town. She went to see my brother and his family. They are doing good, I hope I will see him before to long. I miss having him around here.

So I spent the evening with the wife, we went swimming, the pool water is just wet at this time. NOT cool at all. The way our pool sits it has sun all day ever day. It tends to heat up. At night you can go out there after dark and it's nice and warm. That's fun.

Tomorrow I am getting up early and heading to Uhwarrie, I plan to ride at least 3 hours. I want to do as much climbing as possible. That's the place to do it! After last Sunday at ORAMM I want to get stronger in the hills so Uhwarrie and I are gonna become good friends!

Sunday we will probably have church and an early am ride. Right now we are kinda laying low, we go on vacation in 2 weeks, the beach for a week. So nothing big planned till then. Gotta get the coins in line! I am looking forward to this one, I always enjoy the beach I can get lazy real quick.

No bikes allowed, my choice. If I take them I end up feeling guilty if I don't ride every day so I leave them home and I have no guilt. It's my vacation! I don't need to ride, I do that enough!

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