Monday, July 30, 2012

I suck..........

I took a few pictures for the blog this weekend and then left the camera at the house! Oh well, I can put them up tomorrow.

So my Uhwarrie ride was a fail and my ride in general was a fail. I ended up just meeting Charles at Sherman and going for a ride. I show up with a headache and no energy. We'll leave out the details but I know better than that.

Riding with Charles is like riding with Kelly, you better have your head right. Nope, I sucked and wanted to go to the truck halfway through. I even tried to get Charles to go ahead so I could suffer in peace, he wouldn't. I think he liked making me suffer.

Then spent the day in the pool playing with the wife and kids. Sunday was the road bike and more of the same. The weather stayed right all weekend and we took advantage of it. I hope it's good this afternoon, I want to ride road again.

Plus the fact I decided to try and see if I could make it on the motorcycle today. I haven't riddin it since the mountains. We have been getting so many showers it's just sit in the garage.

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