Thursday, July 26, 2012

23 Years ................

That's it!

I know this blog is in all fun and games, I do it for my amusement more than anything. I have family all over the country that seems to get a kick out of my BS but I really try to keep the blog pretty laid back.

Believe me I could get on a rant about all kinda stuff that I have an opinion about, but everybody else has their own opinions too. So I just like to keep it about me and the kids, our everyday happenings.

Today is different.

Let's start with a story. "23 Years Ago"

23 years ago I was 21 and living at home, I blew everything I made on bicycles and dirt bikes. Racing dirt bikes is really expensive so I took a part time job delivering pizza. I had been doing it for a few months when this happened.

One Saturday night we where real busy so the owners fiance was delivering also. We had these wind socks that lit up and hung from your passenger window. This was a small one store operation so we where all pretty good friends.

I am gonna leave names out of this story on purpose, for one I don't want this post to pop up in Google if someone every was to Google any of these names. Two I don't want anything I have ever written to pop up with this crazy POS's name in it. He doesn't deserve any recognition!

Back to the story, it's around 11pm and I am heading back into Matthews from Union County. I see one of our flag's and the car up in the woods at the Matthews Post Office. Cops are everywhere, I pull in to see if I can help in anyway. I knew it was his fiance's car.

They stop me and tell me to stay away, I ask what's going on, they ask if I am going to the store I reply yes it's the owners fiance's car. They say you need to stay here. They had just sent someone to go get him and didn't want me to be the one to tell him.

Again I ask what's up, they tell me this time. Someone had shot her and she was dead! They tell me to take down the wind sock, I am standing there in shock. They don't know if it was random or what at this point.

I am standing there when her fiance pulls up in the cop car. I saw first hand what it did to this guy when he found out. I can't even begin to tell you how I felt at that moment, much less how he felt.

The next few days are a blur, we close up shop and they have a funeral for her back in her home town. We all go. At this point they still have not made an arrest.

Finally after about 10 days they make an arrest. It turns out it was all over who cut who off. Apparently he cut her off and she was bright lighting him. He motioned for her to pull over and she did. To this day that's the million dollar question? Why didn't she just keep going!

She pulled over and he jumped out with a gun and shot her, point blank range twice through the windshield.

I used to think about that night alot, but as time goes by you tend to let bad things slip further from your mind. The pizza place closed not long after this happened and I haven't seen her fiance in years, he moved back home for awhile up in Statesville. We lost touch, I don't blame him I would have wanted to get away from this area also.

This morning it was like someone poured cold water over my head. It all came right back in my face! The man who killed her ended up getting life in prison. Guess what, that's a joke!

I am at my desk this morning and look up, he's standing at the front counter wanting to know if we are hiring. He's out of prison!

 23 years and he is back on the street, her life ended that night. His should have too! How can that happen?

He gets to start over, when does she...........

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