Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Surprise !!!!!!!!!

So now we are back to the normal, my everyday schedule. Of course I am already trying to figure out my next adventure. I want to get back up to the mountains so that is high on my list. So right now I am back to riding as much as possible.

It's funny, I get home Sunday from the mountains and I am thinking about getting back up there and Robert called last night. It's time to start planning the fall mtn. trip. So I thought that was pretty cool. Although I want to go before then. I think I am going to Uhwarrie this weekend. That will feel like the mtn's, I want to climb.

Now for the "Surprise", last night I was gonna ride after work. Kelly was going to be there and that was about it. My kids decided to come and meet me.

Cody is now riding a little more regular and Chase wanted to come. Since Cody can drive now I thought that was pretty cool. Chase hasn't ridin in awhile so it was fun to ride with him. Cody took off and was out in front of us so Chase and I got to chat. I miss having my boys along, it's been awhile so I am glad they are starting to ride again.

It worked out too, Kelly layed around and fell asleep so he never showed. Perfect for a ride with my kids! They both say they want to run the Southern Classic Series next year so I hope we start building for that. Let's hope it works out.

Tonight I am gonna hit the road, I have been neglecting the new road bike, it's time to put some miles on it!

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