Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I had the weirdest ride? No sure what was wrong, if anything. I went to Beatty park to ride a few laps, and I did.

The only thing is I had no drive in me what so ever! No legs for climbing, no legs for going fast, no legs for anything. I rode the easest 2 laps I think I have ever ridden. The only time I seemed to move with any speed what so ever was on the downhills.

I wanted to go, hence the reason I loaded up and went. That's what's got me so puzzled? If I take the time to go I plan on working and making myself push it! This is only the second time in a few months I have even ridden the mtn bike so you would think I would be pumped.

Not! I was as flat as I can remember. No snap, no pop, just me doing one of the laziest rides I swear I have done! Still can't figure it out......

Oh well I can go again, that's what makes it fun!!!!

Now on to other things! A while back I mentioned we were going to have our first cycle tourist stopping by and spending the night. Then they cancelled and we had no guest. Well a guy named Pete called yesterday and he is coming through today.

He was about 20 miles north of Columbia yesterday afternoon and said he would be coming through. That's about 80 miles from my house, in this heat that could be a long day. From where he's at there's a lot of hills to go over to get to my house. If I had to do that ride fully loaded today it would take me all day!

So we'll see, I hope he makes it by, I want to check out his set-up. See if I can learn anything.......

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