Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something Different..........

Last night we did something a little different. Cody is a really good piano player and he also plays the guitar, he has a Taylor guitar. Believe me when I tell you I am not a guitar freak!

I know a high quality bicycle when I see it but a guitar! They all look alike to me! Now that Cody has started playing them I have learned a few things about them. First of all and most important Taylor is not a cheap toy.

They are really one the top manufactures in the world! Even their low end stuff is nice.

So anyhow they do a promotional tour thing called the Taylor Roadshow. They travel all over the world doing a Q and A session in local music stores. They bring a professional guitarist with them who will play all the different models and answer any questions.

Yes, you can tell a difference when you hear them played back to back, and by someone who knows how to play!

The best part of last night was the fact I really didn't want to go. I just went because that what parents do when they have kids! Guess what I had as much fun as he did and I can't even play a guitar! It was really entertaining and educational all at the same time!

Cody got to play with and handle some high dollar toys! When I say high dollar, I mean high dollar!!! Some guitars can cost more than a car! A LOT more..

I enjoy seeing them and can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making them but that's about all I am good for. Cody picked out a new one he is really wanting to get, I might need a part time job to go with the one he's gonna have to get to make that happen... The kid has high standards!!!!!!!!

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