Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things Change.............

What things, I guess everything! For the last 3 years, or at least the 2 years prior to to last year we raced everything! I mean everything! Everything that was available to us in our area.

Southern Classic Series, the summer series here in Charlotte and all the one off races 6 hour 12 hour 24 hour, you name it. We where doing it. Me and the kids.

Then change started coming into the picture, Cody started playing high school soccer and Chase he was just along for the ride. He likes to be around all the people at the races but doesn't really care if he races or not. As far as me, well I had the leg injury right before Christmas the year Cody completed his first year of soccer. That set me back further than care to even think about!

Then in Cody's second year of soccer he had his major knee injury and is still only 8 months into rehab for it. So things change.

I would prefer Cody just raced bicycles but then he would be 1 of 2 kids that race bikes at his school. In other words he would kinda be on the outside looking in. Since he started playing soccer he has lettered and is part of school athletics. He likes being part of the team! So I support him and am glad he is enjoying high school.

Chase is just in middle school so his time is coming. Back to me, well I don't want to go to the races by myself and I have a ton of 5 dollar medals and so many trophy's from my youth when I was a kid racing BMX that I was going and competing just so I wasn't standing around all day when they raced.

Yes I enjoyed it and it was great to push my self again and run up front. Yes its still fun to get a medal even when you are 40. Some things never change! But to go by myself, not gonna happen!

So as this years riding season started I have found my self kind of at a loss. I thought about racing and I thought about doing some of the one day races and I thought about all this as I was riding. The first of the year I was pushing myself and trying to get faster, now I find I am just riding!

I was riding the snot out of my mountain bike and now all I ride is the road bike. I find I am taking my time and enjoying the ride more than I was when I all I did was keep my head down and pound out the miles in the name of training!

Yesterday I left the house with the sole purpose of getting lost, and I did! I have been heading out toward Lancaster SC these days and I have no clue where I am. I had to stop at a store yesterday to get directions back toward Monroe.

40 miles later and 15 average speed I was back at the house. Nope, not impressive numbers but I am not trying to impress! I even rode around downtown Monroe yesterday and found a cemetery I never even knew was there. It's not hard to find either, I have been by it a hundred times one block away but never stopped to check it out.

see that belk sign top right of that building.. That is the first belk store...


I even found the sticks......
"Things Change", right now I like change.....

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