Monday, May 14, 2012

It Was Dry.........

Up until last week it starting to get dry around here. Now, it ain't so! We had the rain in the middle of last week and now we are right back at it. We had a nice Saturday, then we had mothers day! Which I enjoyed, we went out and had a nice lunch, had both the moms with us.

They seemed to enjoy themselves and liked the little cards we had gotten them. The gift card will come in handy too. Of course we took care of my wife also. She got a few gift cards and a nice new summer hat! When we hit the beach in a few months she will enjoy the hat for sure!

No, I didn't get in a ride yesterday, I thought about it but just didn't feel like riding in the rain. Looks like the start of the week will stay the same but end with a nice weekend.

We have a wedding to go too Saturday, but besides that I plan on hitting the road. I might even take the mountain bike out! If I do it won't be around here. Chase says he wants to hit the White Water Center so if that holds true I will hit it Saturday am.

Not by choice though!

That's about it today, as of now I am sitting at work watching it rain and waiting for the phone to ring. The rain can make a long day even longer!!!!!!!

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