Friday, May 11, 2012

Great Day For A Ride.............

So after watching it rain for 2 solid days, a weekend in Charleston and needing to mow the yard when we got back, I haven't ridden in 6 straight days! I even had new bar tape installed and waiting to be broken in. I finally got out!

As soon as I got home I changed and hit the road. I have been changing up my routes a little lately and did the same last night. I went straight toward town then made my way out to the country.

It seemed like every dog in Union County was enjoying the weather also. They must have spent to much time staying out of the rain, I got chased by more dogs than I can count! I swear I can ride the same route everyday and some days no dogs then other days it's on!

I did notice the fields they have been working down around Mountain View (601 south) have started to come up. I stopped and got these pictures, in about a month I will be riding thru a tunnel of corn! Which ain't a bad thing, it helps block the wind!

It was nice to have the nice quite roads to myself. I was riding along and enjoying the afternoon and thinking about my next dog encounter when I got to the spot I usually find him at. He wasn't there! I found this instead.

burned to the ground..............
Now this dog is kinda like a buddy to me, it's a little dachshund (weeny dog). He always comes out and chases me and barks like a nut! If I stop he will lick you to death and then go home. Kinda funny! I have seen him for a few years.

While I was taking this picture a neighbor pulled along in his car and asked if I knew the the people, I said no just the little dog. Then he tells me the family got out fine but they lost the dog and their cat!

Damn the little fellow managed to dodge all those cars and entertain me all those times I rode by and then ended up losing out to a house fire.....Kinda ruined my evening.

Yes I am glad the family didn't get hurt and I know it's just a dog but he was my buddy.....Wished I knew his name.... I called him Short Stack....

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