Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How about this........

Today we have something I found on the NY bike blog. All I did last night was clean the pool and mow the yard. No matter how I word it that's still a boring evening. I wanted to ride but after my crash Sunday I am still a little sore.

I went over the bars in a rocky section of the trail and bruised myself up pretty good. So I could have put a few pictures on here of me mowing the yard or a few shots of my nasty bruised up leg or hip. I figured I would go with a few facts instead.

No, I have no ideal where they are getting their facts from, don't care either! I just like what they say. If I could change anything I wished I worked closer to the house. With the holiday this weekend and my usual plans to start riding back and forth to work, I would love to be about 5-10 miles max from the house.

That would be about the perfect distance. I could do that without breaking a sweat and I would still enjoy it. 18 miles, your gonna break a sweat! No getting around it! We live in the south and it's humid at 6am I can't change that.

The one alternative is the bus. Charlotte has a Union county connector I could catch and it would put me off about 2 miles from the office. I sent an email yesterday to the Charlotte Transit Authority, so will see. That would have me catching the bus at K-mart in Monroe, 4 miles from the house. Then getting of in Matthews.

I know the bus picks up around 6:30, so that would have my getting off the bus about 7:15. I would have plenty of time to get here and get started. I just need to make the commitment!!!!!

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