Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now I Need A Day Off.....

I am Completely worn out! After 3 days of play and the swimming pool. I could have stayed in bed today no problem.

Well the only problem would have been I would have went as hard as I could again. Oh well I can suffer through today and with the rain coming I won't be riding tonight, so rest it will be!

Saturday I went to Poplar Tent and got in a good ride, I was about half way there when it dawned on me it was race weekend, although traffic was no problem. Sunday we did church, lunch and then Sam's.

To the house and out the door! It was kinda late in the afternoon and Sunday and Memorial Day so Sherman was about empty. Toward the end of the lap I ran into my buddies Kelly and Scott, they where going backward looking for me.

That was cool, I haven't seen either one of them lately, and Kelly hasn't been riding since he was attacked by the dog. He had been off the bike for a week. Yet he still had no problem staying in front of me! Scott was on my back wheel riding the brakes, I was the weak link!

I swear I seemed to be stuck in a rut I can go fast and I seem to pass a lot of people when I am out riding, but when I am with the fast boys I suck. I see exactly how bad I am. Well maybe not bad, but just not in race shape.

When I am riding a lot or training, I can let up a little bit as I am riding and let my legs recover as I ride. Right now I am in that spot where it seems I can't recover, it does no good to let up. I am having fun and enjoying the ride I just don't have the snap I need.

Or want, oh well, I guess life is good when you can set around and bitch about playing! I had 3 days off and got to ride everyday. We played in the pool till we are all sun burnt and it was a great weekend.

This coming weekend is Chase's birthday, he will be 12. We are gonna take him and couple of friends to the bounce house. The place with all the trampolines on the walls and floors. Church camp is coming soon and summer is now in full swing.

I even noticed it was still daylight last night when I went out to shut the garage up.

The mountains are calling my name....... 

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